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Rebeka Shadpour is a successful commercial and residential investment broker and short sales specialist at Wealth Road Realty in Beverly Hills, California.  Not only has Rebeka attained success and recognition for her excellence in business, but she also serves as a personal coach to many of her clients. 

Rebeka came to the United States 20 years ago.  Born in Iran and spending time in various countries, she arrived here at the age of 18 with little money and very low confidence.  It was not very easy to find her way and everything seemed vague, hard, and out of reach.  Once Rebeka started working, she realized the vital importance of a college education and personal enrichment.

Ms. Shadpour spent several years in the textile industry, specializing in design, purchasing, and shipping fabrics.  She made a small amount of money in the beginning and was able to buy a car.  What set Rebeka apart was her ability to learn her customers’ specific needs.  The reputation she built in her industry helped her to ask for credit while making $1.5 Million in sales.  She enjoyed a steady income for 18 months.

At the time, Rebeka’s company had 20 employees.  As with many businesses that have their fluctuations, she did not know how to grow it successfully or wisely.  After all, Rebeka was still learning her way as a young businesswoman.  She networked and contracted with widely recognized companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue.  Her popularity increased further and Ms. Shadpour was featured three times on the front page of her local newspaper for her expertise in fabrics and design.

During the years of 2006 to 2008, Rebeka began to pursue real estate as a hobby.  Other areas of her life also grew quickly as Rebeka attended self-development and mentoring classes.  Over time, she learned not only how to save her money, but how to invest it.  Everything came together for her and she expanded her horizons with communication, clients, sales, family, and friends.

Ms. Shadpour deeply felt the impact of the GFC in 2008 as she and her clients lost vast amounts of money from the real estate crash.  At the time, Rebeka had a potential sale commission of $600,000 to $1,000,000 but lost it overnight, leaving her without six months of income and out of business.  She recounts how strenuous the situation was as she wondered how to maintain her income and keeping a roof over her family.

It was at that point that Rebeka started talking to God and asking how she could save her family’s well-being, home, and her business.  She wondered how she could use her knowledge and tools to find her way again.  The answer came when she decided to work with lenders on short sales and foreclosures.  This brought her career in a different direction that allowed her to work from home.

As her real estate work grew, so did her reputation, earning the respect of 26 asset managers.  Ms. Shadpour initially struggled with short sales but rose above the other real estate agents also fighting for work in the same market.  She went against the tide of the economy and by 2010, was able to revive her financial situation.  Rebeka earned referrals from clients and other professionals who noticed her success rate.  Because of her excellence, it came to the point where she had an overabundance of work.

Luxury properties began coming her way and ever since then, it has been an interesting five years.  With the belief she had, Rebeka reversed foreclosures for her clients and helped them to regain hope.  Rebeka learned she was not alone; others were in the same financial situation.  The meltdown touched everyone, regardless of income or social status of her clientele.  Ms. Shadpour worked with celebrities and multi-millionaires.  The commonality is that they were struggling with the financial crisis like everyone else in the country.  She had her difficulties but was able to rise above and continued to increase her fame in the community.  The question that occurred to Rebeka was how she could further help her community.

Rebeka’s bread and butter these days come from investments, buying, selling, rehab properties, and her expertise in luxury properties.  She has also found fulfillment in earning her clients’ trust not only in finances, but also in their personal lives and the difficulties found within their family dynamic.  Oftentimes, her clients were dealing with divorce and debt.  Rebeka strives to provide emotional support by learning how the mind works and how to use it positively in communicating personal needs and discovering solutions.

Clients often did not know what they specifically wanted.  Instead of telling her outright what their needs were, clients often asked her what she could provide.  However, it is entirely possible to go incrementally from a state of confusion and stagnation to complete success.  Rebeka follows and recommends certain formulas for getting out of several kinds of negative states.  She explained that, “We have to change our being by understanding each piece of information and using it to take the next steps.  Separating oneself from anxiety, negative beliefs, and negative emotions will facilitate this growth.”

Ms. Shadpour further explained that finding a balance of where and how to release money and give it away will garner success in finding employment, creating opportunity, saving money, and investing it wisely to create the largest and fastest profit.  Rebeka strives to create a win-win financial situation for everyone she assists.

Oftentimes, she found that people either hold onto their money too tightly or swung the other way and overspend.  It is something also seen frequently in business.  Additionally, Rebeka observed that parents who always spend money freely on their children but do not teach them how to use money often create a trap.  This cycle then leads to what she calls an “addiction” to money that may evolve into criminal activity.  Without finding that balance between saving, investing, and spending, disaster awaits.  On the other hand, some people never learned how to give and take, finding themselves quickly fooled by predatory individuals and businesses.

Another formula Rebeka firmly believes in is in finding the roots of a problem, creating the ability to distinguish possible outcomes before disaster strikes.  She explains that people have difficulty confronting problems.  People have one thing in common: fear.  The way we deal with that fear is what sets us apart from everyone else. 

As a personal coach, Ms. Shadpour explains that you can bring more hope and value to people when you separate yourself from fear.  Confronting that problem head-on is what she has used with her clients to bring them out of anxiety and misery very quickly.  People often have a negative association with the word ‘problem.’  The definition of a problem is that it is something unknown to a person.  Once you take away that fear and negative connotation, what is left is simply the unknown.  Making that separation is what paves the way toward finding a solution to the problem.

Rebeka Shadpour
Wealth Road Realty