Mortgage Calculator

Agent package
BPO Leads (for selected zips) 
E&O Ins.* (with clear record) ($100 value) 
MLS Pro (Westside) Membership ($65 value)
WealthRoad email 
Full-page Ad on Corp Website ($30 value) 
Mrkting to Asset Mngrs/Buyers ($125value)
Price: $99.00
Professional Agent Package
Exclusive BPO Leads by Zip Code
250 Biz Cards Quarterly upon request ($50 value) 
Automated Softwr for BPO & Asst Mngrs ($100 value) 
BPO Software setup, training & coaching ($120 value) 
Roboform & ReaJPEG Pro ($130)
Price: $299.00
Executive Agent package
Software Tech Support 
Software Step-by-Step instruction 
Training Guide and Video Tutorial 
Broker REO/Short Sale Leads (by Rotation, Zip) 
Use of Office Conf Room and Printing 
Broker Training and Guidance (Certified Life & Business coach)
Price: $399.00
Premiere Executive
Broker REO/Short Sale Leads (Within the first 6 months) 
Loop net Membership (upon request) ($100 value)
Corp leads of Commercial BPOs/REOs (upon request) 
Seminar on selling various income- producing properties ($400 value)
Price: $499.00